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Learning Commons: Disability Services

Disability Support Services

Students with documented disabilities should contact the Disability Services Specialist located in Learning Commons 123, or call 719-384-6963 about free services to assist them. Services include: note takers, readers/writers for tests, time for in-class reading/writing, in-class aide for reading/writing, accommodation of physical setting in classroom, tape recorded lectures, enlarged print on handouts/tests, sign language and oral interpreting, adaptive equipment, alternative testing, software/hardware accommodations and other specialized academic procedures.

Procedures for Documentation of Disability

Students with a disability are required to contact the Disability Services Specialist at 719-384-6963, if they need assistance. The specialist will evaluate the documentation of disability, facilitate reasonable and appropriate accommodations, and monitor academic progress. It is the responsibility of the student to supply adequate documentation of disability and bear the cost of provision of such documentation. When documentation is received, the student and the specialist determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations and details for permission to conference. Instructors in each of the student’s classes are then notified of necessary accommodations. For more information, call: 719-384-6963.