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What is a Course Guide?

A course guide is a website built specifically for your class by Wheeler Library staff. It may focus on a single class assignment, or it may address all assignments given for a semester. The choice is yours. Course guides are entirely customizable, can be linked to your D2L class, and can be easily updated from one semester to the next!

At the most basic level, a course guide will contain links to the best library resources for a specific topic or assignment, along with explanations of how to use those resources. A more robust guide may include any of the following:

  • multimedia files such as PowerPoints, podcasts, and videos
  • text documents such as Word or PDF files(a syllabus or assignment?)
  • interactive polls
  • RSS feeds pulled from the Web or the library's databases
  • images
Your imagination is the limit!

How do I get a Course Guide?

If you'd like a robust and original course guide, please be prepared to meet with library staff and discuss ideas and possibilities. However, we are more than happy to create a basic course guide for you with simply an explanation of the assignment(s) for which we are creating the guide.

Please give us at least two weeks to put together a guide for your class.

OJC Course Guides: